i just dont get u,,,,

since u came into my life,
u make me confuse,,
everything gone bad w my life
u knoe wut u ruin my life,,,,
hey, i understand ur feelings toward me,,,, 
naa,, i dun feel weird u sayin that to me,,,,
its just... i think u say that not in the right time,,,
it's not that u're not gud or wat.
and u knoe that i'm not yours anymore..
and i just dun wna trouble myself again,,
i had enough,,, 
understand me,,,
& if u really mean ur words,,
prove it 
that day u know that i'm lonely,,, 
got many probs w him,,,,
i wish u come to me and calm me,,,, 
and you knoe wat, that should be the time u sayin about 
your feelings,,, but,,,, 
u ignore me like i'm some kind of toy!
u come to me only when u need me...
then u left me alone,,
i just dun get u! i hate u!
i dun now la,,, felt like i've been used
although i start have feeling for u,,,,
why ah you?
keep playing w my heart,,, it isn't a thing that u 
can play with,,,,,,
i went this before,,,
but still i can't believe i had through it once more...
and i felt dumb for falling for it,,,,,
you really hurt my feelings...
no more chance for u,,,, 

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