crazy and frustating day,,

today i went to 'poliklinik lawas' to have the medical checkup,,, huh!
i am very frustated bcz my weight is increasing madly!! wat da fish!
i'm so mad,,, my current weight is 62 kg!!,,,, and i'm still not believe it,,,, 
i think the 'penimbang' was broken kali,,,
its such a joke,,, how can from 52 now become 62????
its increase by 10 kg,,, heu~!!
so sad..T.T
its like......
no mood!
i'm crazy fatty nerdy nasty insane girl!
but nvm,,, gotta think positive,,, thus, i'm still prettier than u! 
yeah,,,, its still me,,, diva kampung ba... haha

the day i left dat school,,, :')

ow ya,,,, felt so emotional today bcz today is d date when i'm off from dat school..
my old school,,, sekolah menengah sains labuan,,,  genap one year,,, all of dis happen so suddenly,,,, 
sorry i dun have strong left in me to talk about how i left dat school,,, 

 memories on three-ers night

when at 3pendeta,,very enjoy
the feelings that i never have at here,,
yeah,,, this is the some of the scene at my 

then,,, today my beloved grandpa going back to his house at miri,,, 
he only came here awhile,,, and have to g back miri bcz he wan to go kl this may,,, 
so he need to pack his thing before go there,,, 
today oso have the 'kenduri arwah' 
for my grandpa,,, sblah bapak punya,,,, jus now went back to miri sblah my mum,,,
bcz of dat i feel so tired now,,,


=) it is just me

ahaha,,, just now at recess time,,,
i just flirting w the boy that admire me,,, hoho,,,
i'm making he goes crazy!!! 
to mr.boyfie please don get mad,,, main2 sja itu,,,
haha,,, i can't change ma self not to greet people that i knoe,,
it's a habit! but the problem is,,, 
other see me like im the one 
love to create a controversy..
hei! please la,,, sy suda ada boyfren taw,,, 
and i love him muchie!
and the other probs is there is a person who keep stalking me,,,
kalau hensem tak juga apa,,but,,,
 in fact he is very short and UH-GLEYH
haiya,,,, malang sungguh,,, 
he makes me so uncomfortable,,,eww,,, 
you are ICKY!
YUCKS... just back off,,, u r annoying ,,, 
i'm not available at all.... 
i'm not single... kyyeeaaaahhhhh
i jz want a normal life,,, 
k,,,, adios!

some of us are cannibal!

yea... i can't change ma self like wt other want me to..
feel so sorry,,, i wnt my old me,,, had a gud fren,,, like sisters,,
yea,,, miss ma old fren,,, she never talk behind me and  always treat me like i was the only one,,,
but at my new school,,, they have no true friend,,, i guess so,,, 
cz they stab each other back and acting is their hobby,,, how come,,,
do you knoe some of us are cannibal?
these are human which trap,kill and eat mankind in order to thrive,,, huh?
giddy? feeling confused?
naa,,, kiddo,,,
just perumpamaan for those one who always betrayed other pe0ple,,,
in other word munafik la,
so sad becoz it was happen to my cuzzie,,, poor she,,,
they are many rumour about she a school...
becoz of that pipel 'stink' mouth...
no matter laa why im talk about cannibal today,,,
it is very common,,, thus, sometimes we hear about the words
'kawan makan kawan
but nvm,, she still got me,,, 



today is a normal day...
not really...
well...im bored
today i din do anything ,,, at school they hv the rehaersal 
and oso the preparation for the karnival
bahasa mybe?or karnival kesenian,,,,
nt sure oso..btw it will be held tomorrow,,,
i'm sick of the fact that our school owez become the tuan rumah for every acara or majlis,,, haiyo,,, 
wasting ma time,,,we have no class for whole of the day..
and i went to da examination room jz to borrow the past year for spm paper
 and the teacher was so kind and borrowed me the paper from year 2008until last year punya paper... 
bt nvm it is not the main point that i wanna tell u guys,,, 
act. today ma bestie khaizalina gve us [me & icha] some very cute notebook,,,,wahaha,,, 
its just too cute for me,,,, its got the letter on it,,,
 i have the letter b,,, 
icha got the letter c,,, 
and iena got the letter a,,, 
but it was so unfortunate bcoz i din have their picts for now,,, mybe next time,,, 
ok,,,,, im offing my line,,,,
study laa,,,, =.='

i made the decission

ok,,,, now i made the decission to make this my 
place to  share my story,,,
act,i made this blog since november for last year...and 
i am just started after 6 month i made it,,,
and i oso dunno what to do w this one,,,
i gave ma attention only for my other blog,,, this is da blog
but the other blog seems like too 'skema'
and i won't speak crap there like wat i'll do here,,
i dunno wut i am doing now,,, its just so monotonous....huh
u see right that i'm the one who lv to sigh everywhere and anywhere it could be,,
but 4 me it can reduce my pressure,,,
since this was almost time for me to take the 'between life or dead'
exam,,,, this 14th november could be my historical day for the last 17 
years breathing in this world,,,it was SPM... 
shaking me whole of the body,,, 
i gotta make ma result okok la,,,, 
no fail and if can i want all of ma subject credit,,,, 
huh,,, wish for me,,,, 
i dont wanna make both of ma parents become so miserable,,,
like wt i have doing to them for the previous PMR examination,,,
i promise that couldn't happen anymore since i am
going to da hostel for the end of this may or in the middle of june,,,
maybe,,,then i can study well,,,